A first round referee stoppage added yet another finish to Alvarez's now 24-3 record.

This was a sentimental victory for Alvarez, who is nearing the end of his contract with Bellator. Although, a potential re-sign is possible, fans are up in arms demanding that Alvarez take his talents to the UFC.

I was born in the Kensington section of Philadelphia in 1984. I grew up with two brothers and one sister and was raised by my parents, who taught me the importance of family. By the time I was 10, I was involved in every sport possible, including football, basketball, soccer, track and field and, of course, wrestling. I was an “A” student and took my academic career seriously while I helped lead my elementary school teams to titles. I earned an archdiocesan championship in the long jump. Taking on multiple extracurricular activities was just one way to escape the violence and drug culture that continues to plague my old neighborhood today.

I chose Northeast Catholic High School. As a scholarship athlete, I took home a championship gold medal in track and field for long jump and started at varsity running back and defensive back for North’s football team. I was the only freshman to receive a varsity letter in wrestling. I finished North as a two-time All-American wrestler, placing at the National level in both my junior and senior years. Scholarship offers followed, including several from Division 1 wrestling programs. Although I was confident that he could meet all requirements physically, I didn't think I could live happily as a college wrestler, because of the culture and health issues surrounding cutting weight.

I took a job after high school and before long, I began to get the itch to compete again. Wrestling and fighting were very popular where I was from, and I constantly dreamed about fighting. MMA was a brand new sport that was getting popular, and I felt like I was being called to get involved.
After a few months of training, I took my first amateur mixed martial arts fight and won by knockout. I won my third fight in less than a minute, becoming Reality Fighting’s 170-pound Champion. I went undefeated through my first six appearances, and won my 7th fight in dominating fashion to claim the Bodog Fight (MFC) World Title.

I have been called “The Fighting Pride of Philadelphia” and the “Real-Life Rocky Balboa,” two titles I will continue to work my ass off to do justice to.